Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

Why Choose us?

We could write all sorts of clever things about our history, experience, expertise and our machines – trying to tell you why we are better than our competitors – while they will be doing the same thing telling you how good they are. The truth is all of us are highly skilled and pretty darn good at what we do.

To help you decide that we are the people you can work with we make promises and we stick to these promises.

What Do We Do? 

Well, by now, you should know we are plastic injection moulders. If it is made out of plastic and can be injection moulded then we can make it and that’s a promise.

In simple terms, we take grains of plastic, melt them until they are a liquid and then pump this liquid plastic into moulds. After the plastic has cooled the mould pulls apart and there is the component or finished product.

It is more complicated than that but the technical things are for us to handle with the product being the important bit for you.