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Injection Moulding Australia

Installation Tools

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This is the piece of kit to use to make sure a good and even pressure is used to secure our cable anchors and other parts in place. It is the one that is best for fixings that you can reach easily. For long distance fixing have a look at our extension tools, it is 150 m.m. long and used for close up work. It comes with a 30 m.m. head for saddles and pipe clips

T-200 Mini Tool + 0093A Head - 150mm long for pipe clips 12mm, 16mm, 20mm, 25mm.

T-200 Mini Tool + 0934A Head - 150mm long for 30mm Saddles.

The extended shaft tool is 400 m.m. long and comes with a head to fit 30 m.m. & 50 m.m. saddles. It is useful in making sure you get a good even pressure when fixing the saddles in place – saves your thumbs too!

400mm Mini Tool + Choose Head - 400mm long, interchangeable applicator heads,  adjustable handle, B = Pipe Clip Head, C = 30mm Saddle Head.

1500 Extension Tool + No Head - 1500mm extends to 3m, adjustable handle.

1500 Extension Tool + Choose Head - 1500mm extends to 3m, interchangeable applicator heads, adjustable handle. B = Pipe Clip Head, C = 30mm Saddle Head.

This tool extends from 1,500 m.m to 3,000 m.m and can be fitted with the universal head, pipe-clip head and 30 m.m. & 50 m.m. saddle heads It is for fixing on higher ceilings. It is helpful to use the red primer so you can spot where you primed (after the primer has dried) and accurately put the anchors in place.

Primer Tool + 0099A Head - 1500mm extends to 3m, comes with primer tool head.